With the new lineup formed in 2016, debuting at the club “KSET” on April 23rd (15th
anniversary of the music – related, entered the new variety of
psychedelic rock emphasized by peculiar and atypical dub/blues sequences.
Even though the band is densely rehearsed, the members often sound as if they are
segregated soloists blending their music into fusing tones of different styles without
compromising their ferocious danceable, exotic and mind-expanding sounds.
Drummer Đuro Dobranić (Tannu Tuwa/NO!Mozzart), with his minimalist, yet
energetic&unique drumming and bassist Ivan Dugandžić, who prefers
staccato configurations with repetitive, but at the same time, melodic basslines combined
with Zoran Vujanović' vocals and guitar, NO!Mozzart produce unique psychedelic –
melancholia combining tribal, sometimes even, shaman-like music trips.
Their emotionally – spiritual song "El Toro" builds an impression of noise blues/post-punk,
cathartic band "The Birthday Party" whereas the song "Favourite Lullaby" generates a
completely different experience which dives into psychedelic ,as well as, mystical voyage
creating a divergent attitude that’s being delivered to a listener.
Band’s music range include distinct songs connecting psychedelia with mostly emotional,
stylistically unpretentious English lyrics courageously and skilfully put together by a group
of experienced musicians unlocking new horizons of popular music.
After a long journey into the unknown, NO!Mozzart reached for a Mother Nature – inspired
session in the woods of Samobor Highlands. The band’s new musical path was instinctively
named “In The Woods”. During the course of a three-month hard work, the band recorded
two albums; NO!Mozzart (acoustic) and NO!Mozzart (band). Both shall see the light of day
in the year of 2016.
The “NO!Mozzart” idea is based on a world of wonders and like everyone who desires to
“take a glimpse into tomorrow”, they want to expand beyond the boundaries of “now”.
The band’s “big” plan is to develop their musical impact beyond the Balkan region and by
doing so, reach the “red” in the “white&black”.
The freedom is out there, it exists in the body, mind, soul… of an individual.
The only way to grasp it, for us, innocent bystanders, is to reach in the right direction for
our craving.